Student Services

The Chinook’s Edge Student Services team provides a comprehensive range of programs and services to address the diverse learning needs of our student population. We believe all students should be educated in the most supportive environment. We value the importance of parent involvement and recognize that parent support is essential to student success.

Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73 supports students with special education needs within a Learning Support Team approach. This team consults and shares information relevant to the individual student’s education, and plans special education programming and services as required. The team may consist of the special education teacher, classroom teacher, parents, student (where appropriate), and other school and jurisdiction staff who are aware of the student’s needs.

A multidisciplinary approach is emphasized by Student Services when developing and implementing alternative or special programs for students. In addition to support services provided directly by student services staff we have also established both formal and informal links with external service providers to better meet the needs of our students.

In order for some students to be successful in school and to realize their full potential as individuals, it is necessary for them to have special programs that suit their unique abilities. Participation of exceptional students in regular school settings is based on the philosophy of equality, sharing, participation, and the worth and dignity of individuals.