Home Schooling / Off-Campus

Off Campus Learning Program

In the Off Campus program, the facilitators supply materials, tutor, evaluate and assist with planning, organization and time management. Parents are encouraged to work in partnership with the staff to provide a sound education environment for their children.

Students may choose a combination of the Off Campus program and courses from a cooperating resident school. For example, a student may work on his or her core courses (Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science) through Off Campus while taking courses such as French, Band, and Art in a traditional school. These combination programs provide the flexibility required to meet student needs.

Home Education Program

In the Home Education Program parents are the primary instructors for their child's education.  Our Home Education coordinator will visit the home twice yearly to evaluate and monitor student learning.  Parents are able to choose the materials and methods used to educate their child.  Parents must fill out Home Education registration form as well as documentation outlining their educational planning for the year for each child they are homeschooling.  Parents can do this at our office in Olds up until September 30th, 2020 in order to receive Home Education funding.  Off Campus offers families $900 per child per school year for home education funds, of which 40% may be used for extra curricular activities such as swimming lessons, Art, drama, bowling fees etc.