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 CESD Student Services Year at A Glance 2018-2019   


The CESD LST Google Site contains the September 18, 2014 Focused Topic Meeting Supporting Documents.


PUF (Program Unit Funding)

Alberta Education provides early intervention supports to students ages 3-6 (after Sept 1).  Please contact Dawn Weststrate for information in regards to PUF Programming and Funding.

PUF Program Information

Student Programming

Student Program
Planning & Conversation Sheet


This sheet was designed for SS-LST's and Administrators to have conversations with the student's learning team to determine what strengths, needs, supports and strategies may assist the student.


Student Program Planning and Conversation Sheet

Individual Program Plan
      IPP Document
Pilot IPP Document
Behaviour Support Plan       Behaviour Support Plan
CESD Learning Support Plan      

Learning Support Plan

Retention/Acceleration Guidelines       Retention/Acceleration Guidelines

Student Confidential Files

Student Record's Checklist   This checklist assists schools in knowing waht must as well as what should not be in a student's file.   Student Record's Checklist

CESD Working Groups/Communities of Practice

CESD's Functional Academic and Life Skills
Community of Practice
  This is a group of teachers who meet throughout the year to work on programming for students who require this specialized programming.  All information and resources can be found on their Wiki.   http://functionalacademics-lifeskills.wikispaces.com/

Previous SS-LST Meetings (2011-12)

October 18, 2011 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
Action on Inclusion
Planning for the Future
Feedback Document
Exit Sheet
December 6, 2011 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
LG - Understanding What an Inclusive School Community is
TS - Understanding What an Inclusive School Community is
Jan 17, 2012 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
Teacher Leader Roles
Continuum of Supports
Continuum of Supports Feed Back Sheet
Continuum of Supports School Tracking Sheet- Exemplar
Collaborative Meetings with Schools - Guiding Questions
Homework Reflection Activities
Exit Sheet
March 27, 2012 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
IEPT Student Profile
IEPT Reflection Sheet
Touring the Tool
March 2012 Special Eduacation Planning for Instructional Improvement
March 2012 Special Education Placemat
REACH Feedback
LEVELED Meetings
Exit Sheet
May 15, 2012 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
REACH Continuum of Supports
Feedback for Future Planning
Student Program Planning and Conversation Sheet
Reviewing Effectiveness -  REACH Supports Continued Needs
REACH Process
Initial Planning Meeting Checklist
September 27, 2012 SS-LST Meeting       PowerPoint
Continuum of Support
COS Program Data Collection Template
COS Student Data Collection Template
Learning Support Team Roles - Feedback Sheet
Student Program Planning and Conversation Sheet
IE Data Collection School Meeting Dates