Board Highlights, January 11

Board Highlights, January 11

Access to Supernet:
The Board discussed a possible change in ownership of the Supernet, which creates significant challenges for large rural school divisions to continue delivering effective education in remote areas where technology may not be readily accessible. A new contract may be forthcoming in the spring, but there is a suggestion that some large urban boards may have taken steps to move away from Supernet, which leaves rural boards in a much weaker bargaining position. Although there is potential for connectivity in Chinook’s Edge schools along the Highway 2 corridor, it is more challenging for the division’s many remote schools. The Board Chair will write a letter to the Education Minister and Premier, with copies to several associations, outlining the potential negative impacts for students in Chinook’s Edge if the Supernet were to be privatized.

Proposed Concussion Protocol:
The Board reviewed a draft Administrative Procedure which provides details around awareness of the potentially serious implications of concussion and outlines the response required in any potential concussion situation. The draft procedure has been developed and reviewed with input from the division’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee,  school-based administration teams, Phys Ed teachers and coaches at the school level to ensure it will be effective in protecting students. The draft procedure will continue to be developed and implemented as soon as possible.

Transportation Quarterly Update:
In the continuing efforts to reduce or eliminate the deficit in providing bus transportation to Chinook’s Edge students, the Board indicated there are very few options available to address the complex situation in an effort to ensure education funding will not be required to provide transportation services. The Board will continue deliberating during upcoming joint busing protocols and budgeting decisions.

Innisfail Cenotaph Land:
The Board made a motion to sell the small corner of land outside Division Office on which the cenotaph is located to the Town of Innisfail for a nominal fee, pending Ministerial approval.

The next meeting of the Board of Chinook’s Edge School Division No. 73 is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, February 1, 2017.