Chinook's Edge continues to achieve levels of excellence in Accountability Pillar results

Chinook's Edge continues to achieve levels of excellence in Accountability Pillar results

Chinook’s Edge is celebrating many areas of high achievement, and the recently-released Accountability Pillar report from Alberta Education shows a steady upward trend in many areas.

The annual results report is comprised of Student Achievement data and student/parent/staff Satisfaction Survey results. The current report shows continued excellence in school improvement, citizenship, education quality, and safe and caring schools. The number of Chinook’s Edge students who are completing high school is already well above provincial average and continues to rise.

“These results show the great work underway in schools throughout Chinook’s Edge, as staff in each of our schools focus their efforts on creating success for every student,” said Superintendent Kurt Sacher. “We know that ensuring a safe and caring culture is the foundation for all other success, and we are all extremely proud of our continued measure of excellence across all safe and caring questions. We have maintained our high measure of success in student learning opportunities and student achievement, but we are also studying the data and establishing a number of strategies in order to achieve higher results in certain areas. Our focus on academic excellence, for instance, along with careers work and transition rates to post-secondary learning are key goals for continued improvement. We also have a division-wide focus on social emotional outcomes and are committed to ensuring our work, across the division and across all grades, is setting our students up for a lifetime of success.”

The Board of Education has reviewed the multi-year Accountability Pillar data and accepted the extensive report. It is now posted under the ‘Plans and Reports’ tab on the division website at

“This division’s commitment to serving our students is creating great success and the Board is very pleased with the work being accomplished in our schools,” said Colleen Butler, Board Chair. “We continue to be extremely proud of our completion rates, which have continued to rise over the last number of years and is now well above the provincial average. This is an accomplishment of our students, parents and staff who are working together at each of our schools. The Board is proud of the safe and caring culture this creates in our division, and we have established a number of strategies that reflect our belief that relationships truly matter across all levels in Chinook’s Edge. We are so pleased this strategy is leading to success for our students.”